2 Moons 3: The Ambassador (2022)

2 Moons 3: The Ambassador (2022)


This spin-off goes on from the latest relevant point of interest. The spin-off will show the movement of every one of the three bringing couples back. Pha needs to endure amid weakness as Wayo’s implicating pictures and recordings have been delivered by Park and Pring. The story will show the movement of their relationship after that situation. Ming and Pack should figure out how to create and develop their relationship, while Forward and Radiate will likewise settle down and progress in theirs.

Two couples from the book “The Diplomat” are likewise being remembered for this continuation. Their storylines are more alongside the “opponent to darlings” kind of situation. One of the pair incorporates Suthee, the medication moon.

Other Name: เดือนเกี้ยวเดือน 3: The Ambassdor / 2 Moons 3

Released: Oct. 10, 2022



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