A Romance of the Little Forest (2022)

A Romance of the Little Forest (2022)


Style blogger Yu Meiren depends absolutely on cosmetics to keep up with her appearance. Needing to utilize her excellence to fight back against the one who once dismissed her, denotes the beginning of a sweet romantic tale that takes the two from the grounds to the open country.

Natural science teacher Zhang Yu is totally given to his all consuming purpose and has been investigating the development of sweet wormwood. Not interested in any extraordinary cravings, he unexpectedly makes the feel horrible of Yu Meiren, a young lady from the field who has had eyes only for him for quite a while.

Years after the fact, Yu Meiren graduates with distinction and accepted her Ph.D. in Ornithology. Not needing the tensions of being in the field of logical examination, she turns into a design blogger all things considered. Yu Meiren and Zhang Yu begin immediately off kilter when they meet once more. Zhang Yu has gone to Qingshui Town for work and ends up finding dwelling at Yu Meiren’s informal lodging. She ultimately turns into an incredible assistance to him. Simultaneously, he additionally encounters sensations of adoration and warmth interestingly that he could never have found from tending to plants.

Other Name: 两个人的小森林 / Liang Ge Ren De Xiao Sen Lin / Two People's Little Forest


Released: Sep. 15, 2022




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