Beloved Life (2022)

Beloved Life (2022)


Du Di and Wu Cong Rui are occupant specialists at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of one of China’s top medical clinics. The two companions initially had splendid vocation prospects and stable connections. Anyway Du Di and Wu Cong Rui wind up in direct contest. Under the authority of boss doctor Huang Yun Ling and going to doctor Lin Wei, the two women experience a wide range of sicknesses in treating different patients. They additionally take the stand concerning the fabulous peculiarities of human condition. Among their patients are outsiders, family members and companions alongside Du Di’s mom who is in chronic weakness however needs to have another youngster.

The two collaborate and contend. Liu Nian Bai got back to China to explore reality with regards to his mom’s demise. Du Di bit by bit develops near him. Wu Cong Rui and Li Jun Xiao additionally advance together from not thinking about adoring, being not able to cherish due to mistaken assumptions to courageously confronting their affections for one another.

Other Name: 亲爱的生命 / Qin Ai De Sheng Ming / Dear Life


Released: Sep. 07, 2022



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