Between Us (2022)

Between Us (2022)


Group is a gifted swimmer who just entered college. Nonetheless, with regards to swim rivalries, he’s always unable to perform as well as could be expected. At the point when swimming club upperclassman Win comes to realize that the issue doesn’t lie in Group’s capacities or commitment, yet rather his injury and the dozing hardships it causes, he presents his own space for Group to remain in. With the solace of organization, Group’s presentation begins to improve and sentiments begin to develop between the two young fellows. In any case, Group isn’t the only one with issues from his past keeping him from pushing ahead. Win battles with how to deal with getting affection and how to give extraordinary treatment to those nearest to him. Happening lined up with the occasions of “Until We Meet Once more,” this story centers around how Win and Group come to be aware and rouse development in one another.

Adjusted from the book “Hemp Rope” (เชือกป่าน) by lazysheep.

Other Name: เชือกป่าน / Cheuuak bpaan / Chueak Pan / Hemp Rope


Released: Nov. 06, 2022


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