Catch me Baby (2022)

Catch me Baby (2022)


Phat is a definitive ‘Relationship Performer’ all the while assuming a pretense of a chief partner for Sia Wut who has a sum of five sweethearts. Phat’s principal work is to shuffle every one of the sweethearts and guarantee that not a single one of them learns about the other. Nothing is pretty much as simple as it appears, particularly with the secretive appearance of Cher, the new female chief collaborator who later uncovers herself to be an ‘Disloyalty Criminal investigator.’ As Phat’s relationship shuffling missions become seriously testing, he utilizes the assistance of Pinky, his embraced sister with a presentation edge; Jim, an individual leader right hand; and Commander who is Foie (Cher’s cousin’s) rival. It’s a waiting game among Phat and Cher as their missions frequently converge — making it hard to save their affections for each other stringently proficient. The mission should continue — however can Phat prevent himself from creating affections for the foe?

Other Name: เซียนสับราง Catch me Baby


Released: Oct. 06, 2022



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