Discovery Of Romance (2022)

Discovery Of Romance (2022)


To pick the person who loves you or the one that you love? This recounts the narrative of a lady’s development and advancement in affection as she is confronted with her ex and her ongoing sweetheart who both have totally different characters.

By some coincidence, Xia Tian, a state of the art furniture planner in her 30s experiences configuration organization proprietor Xu Ze Hao who is her ex. Given his determined endeavors for them to reunite, Xia Tian’s affections for her restorative specialist sweetheart Guan Xin begin faltering.

In the mean time, Guan Xin is brought together with Lu Xi, his “younger sibling” from the halfway house from whom he’s been isolated for a long time. They begin to have a questionable relationship. Whether it’s the ex or the ongoing beau, companions or sweethearts, gathering or dismissal, separation or marriage, it portrays the profound excursion of a metropolitan lady at 30 years old.

Change of the 2014’s Korean show ‘Disclosure of Romance’

Other Name: 恋爱的夏天 / 戀愛吧夏天 /Lian Ai Ba Xia Tian / Fall in Love Summer / Let’s Love Summer / Let's Love Summer / Finding True Love / Love Story of Summer / Summer Of Love


Released: Aug. 28, 2022




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