Double (2022)

Double (2022)


While it was raining, Takarada Takara (Yudai Chiba), who works for a company, walked lethargically without an umbrella. Meanwhile, he was led by a hawker for the stage and watched the performance of the theater company Hero. Inspired by the play by Kamoshima Yujin (Kento Nagayama) who was appearing in the performance, Takarada decided to quit the company and go on to become an actor. Kamoshima teaches Takarada who has become a member of the theater company Hero. Among them, he is the only one who notices the talent of Takarada and hopes to make him the best actor in the world. At the same time, he himself continued to dream of becoming the best actor in the world.

Other Name: ダブル


Released: Jun. 04, 2022



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