Elpis: Kibou, Aruiwa Wazawai (2022)

Elpis: Kibou, Aruiwa Wazawai (2022)


Characterized as the soul of trust in Greek folklore, Elpis bases on Asakawa Ena, a pro broadcaster who tumbled from her situation because of an embarrassment; Kishimoto Takuro, a youthful overseer of a theatrical presentation; and Saito Seiichi, an expert columnist, as they cooperate to seek after reality behind a chronic homicide case which capital punishment has been set.

Other Name: エルピス―希望、あるいは災い― / エルピス きぼう あるいはわざわい / Erupisu: Kibo, Aruiwa Wazawai / Erupisu: Kibou, Aruiwa Wazawai / Elpis: Kibo, Aruiwa Wazawai / Elpis: Hope or Calamity / Elpis: Hope or Disaster


Released: Oct. 24, 2022




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