Fahlanruk (2022)

Fahlanruk (2022)


Fahlan is an attractive young fellow who concentrates on financial matters, great at the two scholastics and sports. Sherbet is a design understudy, great at playing music and singing. These two young fellows meet one day and can’t resist the urge to feel something for one another. Their relationship started with sex, being companions with benefits. Despite the fact that both of them have never truly considered dating somebody, Fahlan finds that he feels significantly something else for Sherbet. He rather attempts to get away from his affections because of a paranoid fear of getting injured.

Ruler, Sherbet’s companion, who knows the issue, attempts to help so his companion conquers this trepidation. Be that as it may, things get increasingly more tempestuous when Fahlan erroneously thinks Prince is keen on Sherbet. Be that as it may, Prince is additionally infatuated and with, as a matter of fact “Keiyr”.

Ping and Tap, dear companions of Fahlan likewise attempt to assist their companions with finding true success in this adoration, yet there is an issue in their souls. At the point when Tap figures out that Ping feels something else for himself and doesn’t see him similarly as a companion. cause the two of them to begin fabricating a wall in their souls.

Other Name: ฟ้าลั่นรัก The Series ฟ้าลั่นรักเดอะซีรีส์ / Fah Lun Rak / Fa Lan Rak / Fahlanruk the Series / Friends With Benefits

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Released: Sep. 11, 2022


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