Falling Into You (2022)

Falling Into You (2022)


Duan Yucheng is a cheerful young fellow who cherishes high leap however is restricted by his level, met his headhunter, the accomplished games partner Luo Na. To get more expert direction and help, Duan Yucheng bent over backward to select at the college where Luo Na mentors, and turned into an individual from Luo Na’s group, began to seek after his fantasy of high bouncing.

Chasing after dream is an extremely brutal thing, you need to encounter wounds, disappointments, and dejection that none can comprehend. Be that as it may, seeking after dream is additionally extremely sweet, in light of the fact that all of delight of progress can rise above the agony of the body and the questions of others. Beginning from the school-level contest, then, at that point, to the civil, common, Public College Games, and the Public Sports Titles, Duan Yucheng climbed bit by bit. Regardless of how far he goes, there is just something single that won’t ever change – the blasting track is his main conviction.

Adjusted from the book “Pioneering Trail” (炽道) by Twentine.

Other Name: 炽道 / Chi Dao


Released: Sep. 29, 2022




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