Happy Ending Romance (2022)

Happy Ending Romance (2022)


Splendid and aggressive, Han Tae Youthful is a youthful Chief with a promising future in front of him. Notwithstanding the difficulties that accompany working in distributing, Tae Youthful generally figures out how to figure out how to see the brilliant side of things. With an unfalteringly inspirational perspective, Tae Youthful isn’t apprehensive about what’s on the horizon. Basically he wasn’t until he met Kim Jung Hyun .

One of the distributing scene’s most splendid stars, Kim Jung Hyun is a gifted essayist. In any case, underneath his organized outside there conceals a young fellow who harbors a profound mystery. Reluctant to allow anybody to draw near to the point of recognizing reality, Jung Hyun keeps the world under control overall quite well, however something doesn’t add up about Tae Youthful that he just apparently can’t disregard.

United by what must be portrayed as destiny, Tae Youthful and Jung Hyun can’t deny the mysterious sentiments that appear to emerge each time the other is close. Will this sets of contrary energies surrender to their longings or will the destiny that united them eventually destroy them?

Other Name: 펜스 밖은 해피엔딩 / 펜스밖은해피엔딩 / Penseu Bakkeun Haepiending / Happy Ending Outside the Fence

Released: Nov. 24, 2022


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