Mental Coach Jegal (2022)

Mental Coach Jegal (2022)


A games show about a previous public competitor who stops sports in the wake of causing an embarrassment and turns into a psychological mentor to assist previous expert competitors who with having resigned and current competitors who have fallen into a rut. Je Gal Gil is a previous public Taekwondo competitor who is known for his diligent effort and dorky charms. After he causes a remarkable mishap in the competitor’s town, Je Gal Gil is forever removed and authored the unfortunate Taekwondo wonder. When he conquers his previous injury and recovers his emotional wellness, Je Gal Gil gets back to the competitor’s town as a psychological mentor. Cha Ga Eul is a previous top notch short track speed skating gold medalist who has fallen into a downturn. With her beautiful stoic expression, she’s known as the exceptional “Ice Princess,” yet she faces the risk of becoming dull when she falls into a downturn. Unfit to trust in anybody, Cha Ga Eul starts to thrash herself until she meets mental mentor Je Gal Gil. Gu Tae Man is the head of the Human Rights Center in the Korean Olympic Committee. The previous Taekwondo Olympic gold medalist wants power and is the explanation Je Gal Gil’s life was changed for the time being. With the conviction that anything can be covered for however long he is No. 1, Gu Tae Min gives his very best for the top position. Park Seung Ha is a piece of the psychological wellness support group in the competitor’s town. She is the ideal illustration of “a sort little girl who was raised well” however perseveres through an unforeseen difficulty in the wake of meeting Je Gal Gil as her most memorable patient. Park Seung Ha winds up leaving the clinic and applying to the competitor’s town rather where she shockingly reunites with Je Gal Gil, this time as counsel accomplices.

Other Name: 멘탈코치 제갈길 , Mentalkochi Jegalgil , Mental Coach Jegal Gil , Mental Coach Je Gal Gil

Released: Sep. 12, 2022




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