I Will Knock You (2022)

I Will Knock You (2022)


Ti, an understudy, made some part-memories work as a mentor. At some point, one of his understudies crossed paths with secondary school hoodlums. Tiwa went to safeguard his understudy and defied the head of the pack, Noei. After that day, Ti ran into Noei so often, he began to discover that despite the fact that Noei had a boss look, the kid was ludicrously senseless. Noei just came up without help from anyone else that Ti was pursuing him. Ti was so done attempting to make sense of that he had no interest in him, however destiny played amusing stunts. Ti was reached to be a coach for another understudy. That understudy was Noei. They found out about one another. Noei began to change himself and took action on Ti.

Adjusted from the novel พี่จะตีนะเนย by KoreanRabbit.

Other Name: พี่จะตีนะเนย / Phi Ja Tee Na Noei / I Will Hit You Na, Noie


Released: Nov. 18, 2022


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