Innocent Lies (2022)

Innocent Lies (2022)


Firearm is Prinoot’s dearest companion who possessed a lavish inn. They become colleagues after Gun offers to offer a portion of his inn’s portions to Prinoot. Weapon is likewise hitched, nonetheless, his marriage is rough and he and his significant other are going through a separation.

What’s troublesome is that his better still up in the air to get her hands on the “Nightfall Resort” through their separation settlement. Nonetheless, Gun makes them implicate proof against her which can cost her this case.

At the point when his better half learns about the proof and chooses to extend to Wimala an employment opportunity to take that proof from Gun.

Wimala won’t carry out such a low thing from the start, be that as it may, Gun’s significant other persuades her subsequent to showing Wimala the injuries and imprints she has on her body from Gun’s subjugation play and misuse.

Seeing the injury and since she likewise needs cash for her mom’s treatment, Wimala consents to this work — totally persuaded that Gun is an oppressive and detestable individual.

Other Name: บ่วงวิมาลา / Buang Wimala / So Wayree 2


Released: Aug. 15, 2022




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