Inori no Karute: Kenshui no Nazotoki Shinsatsu Kiroku (2022)

Inori no Karute: Kenshui no Nazotoki Shinsatsu Kiroku (2022)


25-year-old Ryota Suwanori is in his most memorable year as a clinical understudy at a college educating medical clinic. During his life as a youngster, his dad passed on from an infection and his mom remarried. Despite the fact that Ryota Suwanori’s stepfather revered him, Ryota Suwanori generally look at his stepfather’s state of mind to check whether he was detested. His life as a youngster experience presently drives him to coexist well with individuals and furthermore become keen to their way of behaving. That likewise influences him as a clinical understudy. He cautiously checks his patients’ condition and approaches patients who has issues. Being prepared by a preceptor, Ryota Suwanori buckles down with his kindred understudies. During this time, he likewise develops into a genuine specialist.

Adjusted from the book “Inori no Karute” (祈りのカルテ) by Chinen Mikito (知念実希人).

Other Name: 祈りのカルテ 研修医の謎解き診察記録 / 祈りのカルテ / Inori no Karute / Prayer Chart: Trainee's Mystery-Solving Medical Examination Record / Prayer Chart / Medical Record with a Prayer: Resident's Mystery Solving Medical Records

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Released: Oct. 08, 2022




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