Into the Wild (2022)

Into the Wild (2022)


Because of an embarrassment, superstar coach Pak gets expelled from the instructional exercise school he established. In the mean time, his better half needs to separate from him. While glancing back at his life, Pak thinks about a man he would rather not face – his dad Ho. Ho is an unbelievable figure in the training business as well as the organizer behind Nature Grade School. Situated in a rustic region, the school energized its understudies, including Pak, to interface with nature and to carry on with a straightforward life. Pak grew up with nature however was never glad for his dad. At the point when his dad let him know that his mom was a popular entertainer, Pak went to the city to search for her. Notwithstanding, it ended up being completely false and Pak chose to leave his provincial life. Afterward, he went on an entirely unexpected way from his dad’s and established an instructional exercise school with his dearest companion Tong.

Other Name: 野人老師 / 野人老师 / Ye Ren Lao Shi Y/ eh Yan Lo Si

Released: Oct. 03, 2022




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