Kimi no Hana ni Naru (2022)

Kimi no Hana ni Naru (2022)


Nakamachi Asuka is 30-years of age and single. She accomplished her fantasy about filling in as an educator, by educating at a secondary school. Because of a case, she can’t proceed with her educating position. She out of nowhere starts work at a dorm where 7 individuals from a disliked kid bunch live. Her responsibility is to do essentially everything for the gathering, including cooking and cleaning. There, Nakamachi Asuka additionally meets her previous understudy Sagami Dan. He is currently the head of the teen pop band. Despite the fact that the teen pop band hasn’t made any progress, Sagami Dan is committed to the gathering and his job as the gathering’s chief. While watching him, Nakamachi Asuka recaptures her energy she had as an educator and she faces the disappointment she holds.

Other Name: 君の花になる / Become Your Flower / I Will Be Your Flower


Released: Oct. 18, 2022




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