Kurosagi (2022)

Kurosagi (2022)


At the point when Kurosaki Koshiro was 15 years of age, his dad was a casualty in an extortion case. His dad attempted to kill all his relatives including himself. Kurosaki Koshiro was the main relative to have made due. Because of his difficult past, Kurosaki Koshiro chooses to get back at double crossers who cheat individuals and take their cash. This turns into his motivation to live. Kurosaki Koshiro appears to be a customary young fellow, who raises dark feline Kuro. Yet, Kurosaki Koshiro has zero faith in individuals and carries on with a desolate life. Meeting with different individuals, he likewise faces his past.

Adjusted from the manga series “Kurosagi” (クロサギ) composed by Natsuhara Takeshi (夏原武) and showed by Kuromaru (黒丸).

Other Name: クロサギ / The Black Swindler

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Released: Oct. 21, 2022




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