Lighter and Princess (2022)

Lighter and Princess (2022)


Zhu Yun’s college life recently started, however it was disturbed by the appearance of the awful kid, Li Xun, who toppled her reality. Li Xun, who seems like a wanton slacker, is really a programming virtuoso. Be that as it may, both of them step by step figure out how to see the value in one another’s ability and information after a couple of cooperations. At the point when senior Tooth Zhi Jing attempts to single out Zhu Yun, Li Xun safeguards her and, surprisingly, welcomed her to join her programming group. Together, they brought home the title of the programming rivalry. Simultaneously, they fall head over heels and get together notwithstanding the distinctions in their family conditions. Nonetheless, when their strategy is going to succeed, a groundbreaking occurrence happens. Tooth Zhi Jing unintentionally makes Li Xun’s sister get into a fender bender, making Li Xun hit him out of rage and was condemned to prison. Zhu Yun will not abandon Li Xun, sitting tight for him to escape prison and assisting Li Xun with overcoming his business opponents and grab back his organization. Zhu Yun’s persistent endeavors contacted Li Xun, giving him the boldness to defeat the aggravation and open up his heart.

Adjusted from novel Da Huo Ji Yu Gong Zhu Qun (打火机与公主裙) by Twentine.

Other Name: 点燃我 温暖你 / 點燃我,溫暖你 / 打火机与公主裙 / 打火機與公主裙 / Dian Ran Wo, Wen Nuan Ni / Da Huo Ji Yu Gong Zhu Qun / The Lighter and the Princess' Gown / Lighter and Princess' Dress / Lighter and Princess


Released: Nov. 03, 2022




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