Little Women (2022)

Little Women (2022)


Around three sisters with a nearby bond who experienced childhood in destitution. It is the thrilling story of the sisters as they get entangled in a significant episode and go head to head against the richest family in the country.

Kim Go Eun plays the oldest sister Oh In Joo, who needs to safeguard her family with cash. Experiencing childhood in outrageous neediness, her main dream was to live too off as other typical individuals, yet a significant occurrence totally stirs up her life.

Nam Ji Hyun assumes the job of the second sister Oh In Kyung, a journalist who would rather not show homage cash and plans to continuously make the wisest decision. At the point when a strange case from her initial columnist days restores near her, she begins searching for reality.

Park Ji Hu changes into Oh In Hye, the most youthful overpowered by the affection for her more seasoned sisters who buckle down for her. Despite the fact that she has never at any point utilized good craftsmanship supplies because of their family’s monetary circumstance, she enters a workmanship secondary school with her regular ability.

In view of the English novel of a similar name by Louisa May Alcott.

Other Name: 작은 아씨들 / Jageun Assideul / Little Ladies

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Released: Sep. 03, 2022




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