Love in Time (2022)

Love in Time (2022)


A story spinning around a legal counselor who ends up in a very difficult situation in the wake of taking on a homicide case including a judo educator. He resigns to a secretive loft where he begins seeing the shadow of a lady.

Ke Zhen Yu is a prideful legal counselor who has never lost. While dealing with the case rotating around a superstar judo educator, he unexpectedly loses his employment and notoriety in the wake of being sued by Examiner Mu Si Ming for manufacturing proof. Done for, he moves to an old loft where odd things start to happen. At the point when the clock strikes 10:06 around evening time, a female inhabitant shows up. Ke Zhen Yu at first felt that he was seeing a phantom until he understands that the lady is youngster columnist Cheng Jia Le. She is a previous occupant from four months prior and through some supernatural occurrence, they can see one another. Ke Zhen Yu needed to utilize Jia Le to change his past, however before long understands that sentiment has blossomed. Nonetheless, Ke Zhen Yu finds that the homicide case that has cost him all that actually lingers over their heads.

Other Name: 我的秘密室友 / 1006的房客 / Wo De Mi Mi Shi You / My Secret Roommate / Meet Me @ 1006 / Sweet on Series


Released: Oct. 13, 2022




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