Miracle of Love (2022)

Miracle of Love (2022)


In the wake of learning about her unexpected pregnancy, Janesuda was named as her sweetheart, Atiruj’s life-destroyer. Notwithstanding the insults from individuals around her sweetheart, she attempted to be patient and continue on to make her relationship work. Be that as it may, love isn’t sweet 100% of the time. At the point when she found that adoration was starting to vanish for Atiruj, Janesuda chose to abandon everything with a hurt heart.

Atiruj keeps on carrying on with his life brutally and with a chilly heart. He accepts that Janesuda had taken his family’s cash and gotten a fetus removal, thus he loathes the ex-sweetheart who took off. Five years pass very much like that, when one day Atiruj meets a little child who calls Janesuda mummy. This disclosure leaves Atiruj in shock… and afterward exceptionally furious. He can not endure the way that Janesuda misled him and took away his youngster for such a long time, so presently he will make an honest effort to take his kid back and hurt the sweetheart that had harmed him for such a long time.

Other Name: อุ้มรักปาฏิหาริย์ / Oum Rak Patiharn / Carry Love's Miracle

Released: Sep. 18, 2022




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