Mr. Bad (2022)

Mr. Bad (2022)


An inversion on the regular romantic tale follows a young lady named Nan Xing who loves to compose. While making a wish, she inadvertently gathers the lowlife from her own book!

At the point when Xiao Wu Di, the astute, sly and self involved “enormous lowlife” from the book, first came to this world, he turned to dangers and extortion to live nearby to Nan Xing. It denotes the beginning of an existence of perpetual wickedness and battling between two neighbors.

Nan Xing’s desire is the justification for why Xiao Wu Di emerged so at whatever point she wants assistance, he would consequently be gathered to her side. To get back to his unique world, Xiao Wu Di chooses to assist Nan Xing with understanding her desire to find genuine affection just to understand that he has bit by bit become drawn towards Nan Xing’s thoughtful blamelessness. In the mean time, she likewise finds that he has adorableness beyond his “contemptible” attributes.

Other Name: 我的反派男友 / Wo De Fan Pai Nan You / My Villain Boyfriend / Sweet on Series


Released: Sep. 30, 2022




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