Mummy Tee Rak (2022)

Mummy Tee Rak (2022)


A Fernut with the goal of going abroad to study Unexpectedly, he became pregnant with his girlfriend, Freema

Freima knows all about it and how to make her boyfriend successful in the future. She decided to hide her pregnancy and become a single mom

Many years later, Fernando was free. I learned the truth about the birth of my baby and tried to get Freema back. By then, Freima was dating chef Pira

Working Woman Gangster who was always thinking of having children. She left her egg in the hospital and waited for the perfect sperm.

Unexpectedly, I met a man named Chana Cho. Ganari was allowed to use his sperm, but the plan did not work for the unmarried couple.

So Ganari made an agreement: “marry until you have children.” What she did not know was that Chancho had another girlfriend.

How can the love of cute mummies be complicated and how to solve problems?

Other Name: มามี้ที่รัก

Released: May. 06, 2022




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