My Deepest Dream (2022)

My Deepest Dream (2022)


Wu Yu is a number related major while Tan Jiao composes secret books professionally. The two become hopelessly enamored on a journey transport yet end their excursion burdened with changing levels of cognitive decline. Wu Yu and Tan Jiao were cleared into a tornado sentiment subsequent to meeting each other on a journey transport. In any case, the two of them experience some type of cognitive decline a short time later. Wu Yu has no memory about the couple of days after his outing while Tan Jiao lost almost eighteen months worth of recollections.

Wu Yu is a numerical wonder and a straight An understudy with a brilliant future. His life altering events radically when his mom and more youthful sister who are his main two family members are abruptly killed. To find the genuine killer, he fills in as a grease monkey and encounters Tan Jiao again.

Adjusted from the book “Wu Yun Yu Jiao Yue” (乌云遇皎月) by Ding Mo (丁墨).

Other Name: 烏雲遇皎月 / Wu Yun Yu Jiao Yue / The Dark Clouds Meet the Bright Moon


Released: Oct. 01, 2022




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