My Sweet Professor (2022)

My Sweet Professor (2022)


In a clinic in K City, an unexpected auto collision brought Gao Yuan and Huo Shang, who hadn’t seen each other for a very long time, to meet once more, taking the story back to a long time back. A long time back, the moronic understudy Huo Shang and the shrewd understudy Gao Yuan turned out to be dearest companions by aiding each other. They made an arrangement to be signed up for a similar college, however Liang Qi met a mishap, Huo Shang helped Gao Yuan and Liang Qi out of risk and disappeared after that. It has been an undeniable irritation for Gao Yuan as Huo Shang left without expressing anything for the beyond eight years. Until they met each other again unintentionally, they settled the struggles, accommodated with one another, and turned out to be closest companions once more.

Other Name: 教授大人有點甜

Released: Nov. 04, 2022



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