New Life Begins (2022)

New Life Begins (2022)


In light of a marriage choice, young ladies from everywhere the world accumulate in Xin Chuan. Yin Zheng, one of the six youthful bosses of Xin Chuan, who stays under the radar, and Li Wei, who simply needs to try sincerely and not get chosen, live easily in this old neighborhood. They suddenly structure a relationship, and together, begin another life where they experience various circumstances and complete one another in beating them. As Yin Zheng sets up an administration office and goes to court, the two step by step foster comparable preferences as their souls become in a state of harmony. They share three dinners and four seasons together, and grow up with different family with various characters and destinies, living a warm, day to day existence as a Xin Chuan family together.

Adjusted from the web novel “Qing Chuan Ri Chang” (清穿日常) by Pair Mu Team (多木木多).

Other Name: 卿卿日常 / 新川日常 / 青川日常 / 清穿日常 / Qing Chuan Ri Chang / Xin Chuan Ri Chang / Qing Chuan Daily Life

Released: Nov. 10, 2022




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