Palace: Devious Women (2021)

Palace: Devious Women (2021)


Gao Xin Yue has composed a screenplay that was modified by her partner, Shu Miao, without her consent. Shu Miao then, at that point, presented the adjusted screenplay to their organization central command. An incensed Gao Xin Yue needed to pull out the accommodation yet coincidentally goes into the universe of the screenplay. She is currently the courtesan of the third ruler Ling Hong. Because of the content change, Gao Xin Yue encounters incalculable obstructions subsequent to wedding into the castle as different characters plot and plan for her destruction. What’s more awful is that Shu Miao has likewise time traveled alongside her and is controlling occasions from in the background. Regardless, Gao Xin Yue figures out how to ascend the positions from courtesan to Ling Hong’s partner. Imagining that everything would have returned to typical once the story arrives at its blissful decision, Gao Xin Yue before long understood that things are not quite so basic as it appears…

Other Name: 一纸寄风月

Released: Oct. 11, 2021



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