Piece of Cake (2022)

Piece of Cake (2022)


Kota Shimoda, Nao Nakamura and Norisuke Uehara live inside a similar apartment building in a common city. They are likewise old buddies. Kota Shimoda fills in as a public official. He feigns that he is great at battling, however he has never been in a battle. Nao Nakamura needs to turn into a Hollywood superstar. She is a brilliant and cordial individual. Norisuke Uehara’s fantasy is to turn into a K-pop craftsman, yet he puts forth no attempt in accomplishing his fantasy. They are exhausted effectively and search for feeling around them.

At the point when the three companions see an occupant with worries sitting on a seat, they approach the individual and get some information about their anxiety. They pay attention to their interests and offer guidance. They before long assistance others around them.

Other Name: ぴーすおぶけーき / Pisu Obu Keki


Released: Oct. 26, 2022




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