Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui (2022)

Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui (2022)


Jozuka Hisui has an extraordinary capacity that permits her to distinguish individuals who carried out murder and she can hear spirits. She can’t tell the police, since they might have a hard time believing her. Her exceptional capacity additionally couldn’t be utilized as legitimate proof. She has a desolate existence because of her unique capacity. Jozuka Hisui meets secret author Kozuki Shiro, who assists the police with addressing cases. Jozuka Hisui and Kozuki Shiro cooperate to tackle cases.

Adjusted from the book “Medium: Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui” (medium 霊媒探偵城塚翡翠) by Aizawa Sako (相沢沙呼).

Other Name: 霊媒探偵・城塚翡翠 / Medium 霊媒探偵城塚翡翠 / Medium Detective Hisui Jozuka / Medium Detective Hisui Jouzuka / Medium: Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui / Medium: Reibai Tantei Jouzuka Hisui


Released: Oct. 16, 2022




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