Ryojin no Ono (2022)

Ryojin no Ono (2022)


The girl of Criminal investigator Shibasaki Sachio from the Main Examination Division is viewed as cut to death. He pursues reality with Kawasumi Shigekatsu, a lesser investigator who regards Shibasaki as his guide throughout everyday life and is a nearby family companion. Notwithstanding, the difficult work of the police is to no end and the case goes strange. after 15 years, Shibasaki is resigned and unobtrusively spending the remainder of his life taking care of his better half Miwako who is truly sick. The circumstance starts to change with the foundation of a unit spend significant time in re-examining perplexing cases. Kawasumi likewise goes along with them and keeping in mind that the case is reevaluated, a man viewed as the lawbreaker arises. Shibasaki seeks after reality all alone. A solitary call sets off a craving for retribution and he ends up confronting a charge.

Adjusted from the book “Ryoba no Ono” (両刃の斧) by Takeaki Daimon (大門剛明).

Other Name: 両刃の斧 / りょうじんのおの / Ryoba no Ono / Double-edged Axe


Released: Nov. 13, 2022




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