Sai Roong (2022)

Sai Roong (2022)


“Sai Roong” discusses recollections and the unfaltering adoration for a young lady named Maythinee for a man whose name she calls out at whatever point she thinks for even a second to feel, for her darling, Pak, who passed on in an auto collision after her mom constrained her to keep in touch with him a separation letter.

Her sweetheart is gone and the recollections of the past, regardless of how wonderful, can not return.

Nothing remains at this point but to suffocate herself in liquor and attempt to neglect. Furthermore, maybe likewise get through the deplorability of abruptly seeing her dead sweetheart’s face in another man.

Nonetheless, it is obscure to her that the man with her dead darling’s face is to be sure her dead sweetheart, Pak, who is as yet alive and living under another name, Ponsithon.

While Pak had cherished her, Ponsithon is as yet copying in the blazes of disloyalty until his main longing is to seek retribution.

Sai Roong, meaning Rainbow, talks about recollections and life illustrations. It shows the worth of affection and petition.

Since regardless of where the finish of the rainbow is, and regardless of how far off it very well might be… for the sentiments that are so dear to the heart, going till the end isn’t anything hard by any means.

Other Name: สายรุ้ง / Sai Rung / Rainbow / Rainbow Lines

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Released: Aug. 24, 2022




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