Sashidashinin wa, Daredesuka? (2022)

Sashidashinin wa, Daredesuka? (2022)


Kuwazuru Mitsuki is a second-year understudy at Arakawa Nishi Secondary School. At some point, her homeroom educator, Tachibana, out of nowhere reports the beginning of the “Letter Game”, where each understudy needs to compose a letter with his/her actual sentiments to every one of the colleagues. Nonetheless, the “letter” excludes the source’s name. From the get-go, there were a ton of terrible jokes and senseless “letters”, yet they gradually advance to uncovering mysteries and admissions, which make everybody question, “Who is the shipper?” and “Who will be named straightaway?” This game permits the understudies to turn out to be more mindful of one another’s secret concerns and considerations, which gradually extends the bond among the colleagues. In the meantime, Mitsuki attempts to look for the source of the letter shipped off and she finds a mystery concealed in this “letter game”.

Other Name: 差出人は、誰ですか? ; Who Is the Sender?

Released: Oct. 11, 2022




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