Seishun Cinderella (2022)

Seishun Cinderella (2022)


Hagino Shion is a 29-year-old excellence expert. Despite the fact that she has never had a sweetheart, Shion drives a cheerful and satisfying life. Be that as it may, at some point, Shion takes part in a prearranged meeting party and it sets off a flashback where she was dismissed by her most memorable love back in secondary school, who told her, “Assuming you will admit, you ought to basically take care of your appearance”. As though moved back by her past injury, Shion some way or another travels once more into the past and turns into a 17-year-old secondary school understudy once more. Utilizing the cosmetics methods she has sharpened, Shion chooses to move towards an alternate timetable when contrasted with what happened quite a while back.

Adjusted from the manga “Seishun Cinderella” (青春シンデレラ) by Yuu Nozomu (夕のぞむ).

Other Name: 青春シンデレラ / Seishun Shinderera / Cinderella with Youth


Released: Oct. 17, 2022



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