She and Her Perfect Husband (2022)

She and Her Perfect Husband (2022)


Single female attorney Qin Shi is centered around her vocation, yet was raced into marriage by her folks. The top attorney firm, Cheng and Hui is enrolling legal counselors spend significant time in family undertakings, and one of the prerequisites is to be hitched. Qin Wei, Qin Shi’s second sibling who is likewise a talent scout, furtively changed Qin Shi’s marriage status to “wedded” without her consent, in this way making a made up spouse for her out of the blue. Knowing nothing, Qin Shi was utilized. Her extraordinary presentation acquired the endorsement of the pioneer, Lao Jin. During a social event with accomplices, Lao Jin prescribed Qin Shi to be a lawful direction for the Relationship of Ladies Business visionaries. It is really at that time Qin Shi understands that she is “wedded”. Qin Shi chooses to explain what is going on to Lao Jin, however as of now her “better half” Yang Hua shows up. He was constrained by his mom to come for a matchmaking meeting with Qin Shi’s rival. Having a furious outlook on his mom’s intense activities, he must choose the option to look for the assistance of Qin Shi. In this manner, the two individuals who are reluctant to be constrained into marriage, hit it off right away, and imprudently choose to enroll their marriage. Anyway both their folks sense a major issue with the circumstance. Right now, Qin Shi’s ex unexpectedly joined the law office. Confronting the various emergency, Qin Shi and Hua Yang start to gradually affections for one another, and incidentally secure genuine romance.

Other Name: 爱的二八定律 / Ai De Er Ba Ding Lu / She & Her Perfect Husband / The Two Eight Law of Love / The 80/ 20 Rule of Love / Qin Shi and Her Perfect Husband


Released: Nov. 14, 2022




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