Shounen no Abyss (2022)

Shounen no Abyss (2022)


Kurose Reiji was brought into the world in the open country, and has consumed his time on earth accepting he can never leave his town. He can’t abandon his mom with his hermit sibling and crazy grandma, nor could he at any point get away from the grip of Minegishi Gen, who keeps Reiji available to his no matter what. Interestingly, his cherished companion Akiyama Sakuko sees past the nothingness of their melancholy town and dreams of the tumultuous marvelousness of Tokyo. As a method for pulling out from his dull life, Reiji tracks down solace in watching the exhibitions of “Acrylic,” a symbol bunch, and its most lovely part, Aoe Nagi. However, when he experiences the popular icon behind a corner shop in his horrid town, he doesn’t guess that he will before long be engaged with a progression of outrageous occasions that appear to be a repercussion of bygone eras. Denied of his guiltlessness, Reiji battles to swim through the void of transgression he has been maneuvered into, all while a complex trap of untruths, fixation, and disloyalty takes steps to destroy him.

Adjusted from the manga “Shounen no Abyss” (少年のアビス) by Minenami Ryou (峰浪りょう).

Other Name: 少年のアビス / Shonen no Abyss / Boy's Abyss


Released: Sep. 02, 2022




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