Smile to Life (2022)

Smile to Life (2022)


Xu Pair Cheng is a little kid overflowing with happiness and life. Nobody knows that there’s a shadow behind her grin: she really experiences the ALS illness, and that implies she will not have long to live and will ultimately gradually wind up deadened. Because of that, Team Cheng gives a valiant effort to partake in her other days without limit. Yet, things becomes troublesome when she meets the attractive, youthful performer Jiang Nan who succumbs to her. Will she yield to her heart or will she leave him to shield him from the aggravation?

Other Name: 一二三,木头人 , One Two Three, Mu Tou Ren , One Two Three, Freeze , First Love: One Two Three, Freeze , Yi Er San, Mu Tou Ren , 123,木头人

Released: Sep. 30, 2022



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