Socho Shihatsu no Sappukei (2022)

Socho Shihatsu no Sappukei (2022)


This work portrays a “five” locked room secret show around two secondary school understudies, which creates in the primary train in the early morning, the family café after school, and the gondola of the Ferris wheel. A word that out of nowhere changes from regular daily existence to exceptional, a mental fighting on looking through one another’s personalities. Youth, a delicate blue human figure, is portrayed in an exceptional circumstance called a locked room.

Adjusted from the book “Souchou Shihatsuno Sappuukē” (早朝始発の殺風景) by Yugo Aosaki (青崎有吾)

Other Name: 早朝始発の殺風景 / そうちょうしはつのさっぷうけい / Souchou Shihatsuno Sappuukei


Released: Nov. 04, 2022




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