Somebody (2022)

Somebody (2022)


Total is an engineer for social interfacing application “Someone.” Despite the fact that she experiences issues speaking with others, she is companions with Mok Won and Ki Eun. Her companion Ki Eun fills in as a criminal investigator.

A homicide happens and the application “Someone” is engaged with the homicide case. Engineering fashioner Yoon O shows up before Aggregate and her companions. Yoon O is an alluring man, however he is by all accounts concealing something. In the mean time, Ki Eun explores the homicide case with assistance of Mok Won.

Adjusted from the book “American Psycho” by Brett Easton Ellis.

Other Name: 썸바디 / 핑거 /블러디 핑거 / Sseombadi / Pinggeo / Beulleodi Pinggeo / Bloody Finger / Finger

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Released: Nov. 18, 2022




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