Summer Strike (2022)

Summer Strike (2022)


Lee Yeo Reum gets unloaded by her sweetheart and, before long, her mom bites the dust in a mishap. She goes through quite possibly of her most horrendously terrible second in her life. Lee Yeo Reum then, at that point, goes with the choice to carry on with something else altogether from previously and do nothing. She leaves her place of employment and moves to a little town, where everything is odd to her. There, she meets the inhabitants, including A Dae Beom, and becomes more acquainted with them. A Dae Beom functions as a curator. He barely converses with individuals, in any case, when he does, he chats with a falter. Some way or another he settles in and blissful being with Lee Yeo Reum. Over the course of this time, Lee Yeo Reum likewise finds who she truly is.

Adjusted from the webtoon “I Don’t Want to do Anything” (아무것도 하고 싶지 않아) by Joo Youthful Hyun (주영현).

Other Name: 썸머스트라이크 / 아무것도 하고 싶지 않아 / Amugeosdo Hago Sipji Anha / Amugotdo Hago Sipji Ana / I Don't Want To Do Anything / I Don't Feel like Doing Anything


Released: Nov. 21, 2022




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