Thank You, Doctor (2022)

Thank You, Doctor (2022)


A story that follows specialists of the recently settled EICU who depend on their clinical mastery to save each quiet. Conquering contrasts, they pour their hearts and soul to protecting life.

Getting back from abroad, Xiao Yan conveys the agonies of having lost her fiancee as she shows up at Tongshan Clinic. In spite of being abrupt and extreme outwardly, Xiao Yan is surprisingly fastidious on the surgical table as she leads medical procedures with machine accuracy. When the grandiose specialist, Bai Shu embraces a terminal patient and begins to put stock in tracking down trust in the most frantic circumstances. Through their everyday collaborations, two individuals who have their own convictions and biased decisions towards each other bit by bit come to acknowledge each other as they find numerous things in like manner.

Adjusted from “ICU 48 Hours” by Sheng Li.

Other Name: 谢谢你医生 / 谢谢你,医生 / ICU48小时 / Xie Xie Ni, Yi Sheng / ICU 48 Hours


Released: Nov. 04, 2022


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