The Emperor’s Love Swap (2022)

The Emperor’s Love Swap (2022)


The story happens in a nation called Wushuangguo. The new lord went out and incidentally traded spirits with a female bum. The two had to get back to the castle together, creating a ruckus in the royal residence and group of concubines, in light of the fact that the lord’s body was a lady, and he was in the royal residence. There are many intriguing shams with regards to the royal residence. From one viewpoint, the two are continually searching for a method for getting back their bodies. Then again, they carry on with one another’s lives with one another’s bodies. They changed their perspectives on ladies, and the champion changed their perspectives on individuals from refined foundations. Both of them handily collaborated to oversee the nation together. During the interaction, they additionally fostered a mysterious warmth. At last, they tracked down the administrator in the background, and the two changed their bodies.

Other Name: The Emperor's Love Swap




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