The First Responders (2022)

The First Responders (2022)


Follow the joint tasks of a police force and a local group of fire-fighters, who together will recount an undeniably exhilarating story.

Savage criminal investigator Jin Ho Gae is tied in with getting low-lives. He tackles cases with his superb capacity to get a handle on crime locations, read a crook’s psyche, and have areas of strength for a to win. While the dauntless fireman Bong Do Jin, who appears to be cold outwardly, is pleasant to people around him and he takes great consideration of casualties. He hurries to fire locales decisively. Joining the couple is Melody Seol, a compassionate paramedic who recuperates broken hearts while treating wounds.

Other Name: 소방서 옆 경찰서


Released: Nov. 12, 2022




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