The Kinnaree Conspiracy (2022)

The Kinnaree Conspiracy (2022)


The rule of Lord Narai was the most prosperous during the Ayutthaya time frame. Ayutthaya realm around then has incredible business and strategic exercises with all unfamiliar countries particularly the west. Wherever was loaded with unfamiliar outsiders, shippers, evangelists representatives and military faculty. Outsiders particularly westerners were upheld to persecute Ayautthaya individuals causing the fury among Ayutthaya individuals.

Woman Pudsorn is the delightful little girl of a well known expired specialist. She all around acquired clinical information from her dad. Aok Luang (Viscount) Indra Ratchpakdee is an attractive police aristocrat who is liable for the harmony and wellbeing of individuals in the metropolitan region.

Monsieur Robert is an attractive French person who closes to a significant French military representative whom Lord Narai acquired from Ruler of France to work for. Confidence carried them three to met and cooperate in examining the dubious passing of a significant French freight transport commander who kicked the bucket while wearing female sarong material with Lai Kinaree (Half Bird Half Human) designed which is the sort of example precluded for regal women in the royal residence as it were. Hence this case has the presence of Ayutthaya Kindom in question since it might set off the conflict by being guaranteed as a legitimate reason for the French armed force to hold onto Ayutthaya Kindom.

The examination drives them three to many in some way affected individuals, numerous accounts and many suspects which every one of them has unexpectable mysteries. Besides, one of the suspects is an exceptionally strong woman in the illustrious royal residence as well. Other than that, the examination likewise drives those two stunning and high-profiled folks to succumb to Woman Pudsorn and the two of them prepared to contend to prevail upon her. How should Woman Pudsorn respond?

Adjusted from the book “Lai Kinnaree” by Pongsakorn.

Other Name: ลายกินรี / Lai Kinnaree


Released: Oct. 24, 2022


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