The Neuron Doctors (2022)

The Neuron Doctors (2022)


A prestigious clinic is enlisting specialists from everywhere the world to help with the foundation of an elite exploration and treatment focus. Han Xilin, who has been concentrating on Chinese medication in the US for a long time, and Ding Yuanzhi, who is knowledgeable in scholarly community and has gotten back from Germany, arise as top competitors. Alongside Dish Xiaoai and Li Qiao, two of the best youthful occupant specialists, both of them started an intriguing rivalry and co-activity.

Other Name: 促醒者 / 神经家族 / 亲爱的神经 / Cu Xing Zhe / Qin Ai De / Shen Jing Shen Jing Jia Zu / Dear Neurons / The Neurons


Released: Nov. 02, 2022


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