The Power Source (2022)

The Power Source (2022)


With the backing of commonplace pioneers, Lushan Heavy Industry deserted the “weighty industry for finance” plan and welcomed youthful master Wei Cheng to get together with his protected innovation and high level creation models. The series of mechanical developments completed by Wei Cheng got youthful modern laborers, addressed by welder Jin Yan Zi, off guard. They not just needed to learn new advancements like programming, yet in addition needed to clash with the computerized R&D group drove by Wei Cheng. Wei Cheng was debilitated when he discovered that Lushan Heavy Industry had made up the government managed retirement installment for the assets he had raised to buy progressed creation gear. From erosion to running-in, from dismissing smart creation to utilizing innovation to grow agreeably, Wei Cheng was contaminated with the specialists’ unflinching excitement. They went from slighting each other to collaborating to defeat hardships.

Other Name: 麓山之歌 ; The Most Important Thing , Lu Shan Zhi Ge , Zhong Zhong Zhi Zhong , 重中之重

Released: Aug. 19, 2022




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