The Travel Nurse (2022)

The Travel Nurse (2022)


Nasuda Ayumi is a youthful travel nurture who gives a terrible initial feeling. As a matter of fact, he had been a fantastic medical caretaker specialist in the US. He has the capabilities to complete specific operations and help specialists in medical procedures. Notwithstanding, a few conditions trigger his re-visitation of Japan where nurture experts are moderately obscure and nurture are as yet expected to do what specialists request. Ayumi winds up working at Amano General Clinical Center where he experiences a secretive, incredible medical caretaker Kuki Shizuka who will turn into his accomplice. Shizuka cleans “unobtrusively” very much like his name recommends and gets confused with a cleaner by the medical clinic staff including Ayumi. Yet, he is really a super medical caretaker with overwhelming abilities. Despite the fact that Shizuka doesn’t resist specialists and is excessively delicate, with regards to the crunch, he would strikingly make a definitive move with blistering words. He is very much a “liar” and has a colossal mystery. With their particular abilities and ways of thinking, Ayumi and Shizuka are various kinds of unrecognized medical attendants who rebuff one another yet in addition team up to gradually achieve changes in the patients as well as the medical care experts around them.

Other Name: ザ・トラベルナース


Released: Oct. 20, 2022




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