Tsukanoma no Ichika (2022)

Tsukanoma no Ichika (2022)


At the point when Sendawara Ichika was in the second grade of secondary school, a specialist told her she just had two years left to live. Over two years has passed since that conclusion. Sendawara Ichika is presently a college understudy. She spends her days not knowing whether this will be her last day. Sendawara Ichika appreciates going to Yurugi Akifumi’s way of thinking class. Yurugi Akifumi’s class is well known, however the understudies don’t focus on his talks. Sendawara Ichika however listens mindfully. He frequently discusses the significance of life and its significance. Sendawara Ichika and Yurugi Akifumi gradually draw nearer, yet Yurugi Akifumi unexpectedly leaves his place of employment at the college and vanishes. At some point, Sendawara Ichika meets Yurugi Akifumi once more and she desires to proceed with their relationship, however Yurugi Akifumi tells her something surprising.

Adjusted from the manga “Tsukanoma no Ichika” (束の間の一花) by Tadano Natsu (タダノなつ).

Other Name: 束の間の一花 / Tsuka no Ma no Ichika

Released: Oct. 18, 2022




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