Unattackable Women (2021)

Unattackable Women (2021)


Quite a while back, the sisters of the Lu family saw their dad being killed at home, however fortunately they got away from a similar destiny. Their dad’s demise was veiled as self destruction by his colleague Zhao Wen Dong, who turned into the proprietor of the organization. The two sisters promise to figure out reality and retaliate for their dad. Not having any desire to endanger her more youthful sister Lu Xi, the more established sister Lu Si chooses to research all alone, yet she has no clue about that Lu Xi is as of now engaged with the case. The two sisters steadily approach reality from various bearings of examination, and, simultaneously, their profound lives additionally face incredible difficulties…

Other Name: 无法攻略的女人

Released: Dec. 03, 2021



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