Good Job (2022)

Good Job (2022)


Follows the joint examination and sentiment story of a chaebol who has a second existence as an investigator and a lady with super vision.

Eun Sun Woo is a chaebol among chaebols who claims the Eunkang bunch and furthermore runs an investigator organization. Since early on, Eun Sun Woo has shown a splendid brain and incredibly unmatched athletic capacities. He is a figure who is totally divergent in his two lives as an analyst and as a director of a gathering, effectively changing from being prideful to being a courteous fellow.

Wear Se Ra is a lively individual who was brought into the world with super vision. To conceal her powers, Don Se Ra circumvents wearing a thick sets of glasses to utilize her capacity furtively. While taking on various random temp jobs to help individuals around her, she meets Eun Sun Woo and starts a turbulent romantic tale.

Other Name: 굿잡 / Gutjap


Released: Aug. 24, 2022


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